boardogamy (pron. /bôardɒɡəmi/, bôar-DOG-ə-mee) n. a form of relationship in which a person enjoys the company of board games during their lifetime, as compared to monogamy or polygamy where you actually prefer people.

boardogamist (bôardɒɡəmist) n. 1. (sociology) a person who advocates and/or practises  boardogamy
boardogaˈmistic adj.

Ulf Bengtsson (a.k.a. GhostWolf69 a.k.a. Wolf)

Got hooked on playing games late 70’s early 80’s and considers himself a game omnivore. RPGs, CCGs, LCGs, Board Games, Table Top War Games, at one point or another he has tried it all.

Johan Ahlén (Alien, Alien74 or EZalien)

Also with gaming roots in the 80´s. Less of an omnivore, although still polyphagous. Likes role-playing games and boardgames best and is too narrow to be interested in games that involve painting or other forms om craftsmanship.

Multi-geek with violin-playing, birdwatching and history-reading as other hobbies and bat-, frog- and snake studies as some kind of an occupation.

For more Info see our First Post HERE!

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