I wrote this a while back on a private forum, but since I was recently asked by a gentleman on G+ to share some more insights into the classic Mutant setting, I thought I should share.

“Just could not resist posting this here.
When I was maybe 10 or 11 years old I played my first “Post-Apocalyptic” RPG.

It was a Swedish game called “Mutant”. 

Over the years this game has evolved and been re-published by different companies with slightly different flavours, at one point there was even a cyberpunk version that had almost nothing in common with the original.


There was even a SciFi / Space Opera era called Mutan: R.Y.M.D. (space)


And yes, as you might glean from this picture this in turn spawned the Mutant: Chronicles franchise, that got its own life.


But at this point in time the wierd original Mutant game I remembered as a kid was long gone. Instead we had some sort of Warhammer 40,000 rip-off that did not appeal to me one single bit.

Then someone finally picked it up and went back to the roots. And for years we had “Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare” (Heirs of the Apocalypse)


And it was glorious! They published campaigns that include some of the hands-down best stuff ever written for a Swedish RPG. But when they felt like they had done their bit and their “Campaign Arc” was complete, they decided to “quit while we are ahead” so they let the line and the license die out again. I’m not blaming them. They probably did a really good thing.

There was even a short film made!
Now just last year another company picked up the legacy that is now Mutant. and they published a game that was EVEN MORE back to basics. Called Mutant: År Noll (year zero). The Swedish version has been out for a while. And recently they announced it will be available soon in English!!!


For more about this game in English check out Fria Ligan!

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