Do you believe in Santa…

Do you remember when you were a kid?  The advent, the time just before Christmas, how all your expectations and anticipations filled your body. All these feelings grew up to Christmas Eve and exploded in the evening when Santa came. Santa at that times; what was he really delivering?

To me Santa delivered the gifts, yes, but with the gifts came the magic. All the gifts where filled with something new, a new world, a new experience, a new discovery and a certain feeling. In all my grown up life I have struggled to get that specific feeling. The older I have grown the harder it is to catch the feeling of the childhood Christmas evening gifts.

It is not just hard to get the feeling, it also have a tendency to be much more expensive the older you get. You know the old saying; the difference with boys is the price of their toys.

How do all this fit with gaming??

I remember many years ago in the mid-80s, I was participating in a geology course and we visited an abandoned mine. When I was down in that mine, I was discussing with a friend for the first time ever about RPG. He had played D&D, and with a lot of colour told me stories of his adventures, when we were walking around in the darkness with very limited light. That I believe was my first real experience of a game that created a new world or a story.

Then school and life came in the way and many years passed, before I did get the chance to talk about and, or actually for the first time play RPGs. The first experience gave me the taste for it, and from there is no going back.

The magic starts in creating your character that in some games as Traveller is a game in itself. Creating the story about your avatar, where does she come from, why is she here. What are the drivers and what can she do to help driving the story forward.

Then in putting this character alive and being its mentor in the decisions it takes to gain her own objectives as well as helping the group to reach its overall objectives. The discussions that evolve from this can span from deep philosophical discussions to hilarious stand up comedy.

In a good group, I believe magic is created when playing RPG. Don’t you agree that the good old Santa feeling play tricks with you or is it just a bit Cthulu spooky.

For me the magic just don’t come from RPGs

Another way to get the same type of anticipation as in the childhood is to now look around at Board game geek or other sources of information, find a game you haven’t heard of, but that looks interesting. Read about the game, consider cost versus risk, and finally take the decision and order the game.

After the order or even worse, signing up for a kickstarter, comes the wait….

Then suddenly one day the post office announces there is a delivery, these butterflies in the stomach, or what would you call it?

The day when a package arrives is always a bit of Christmas Eve; I always get the sensation of excitement. Will the content answer to my anticipations…

Getting new games always makes me happy, after a while it gets to an addiction; you really “need” to get the feeling.

Final Questions

1)      Does Santa exist?

2)      Is the Santa feeling reel?

3)      Or do we organise Anonymous Gameoholics?


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