What´s all this, then?

OK, there is hardly any lack of male, white people around forty who suffer from the delusion that anything they want to say is of general interest. So we really should keep quiet and game on in our basements. BUT, since we are gaming just for fun, with no expectations that anybody would care, we might as well write just for fun, with exactly the same expectations. So, therefore we are now starting The Boardogamist – A Hisingen Gaming Journal.

The Boardogamist is a blog, obviously. It is also a collective project with a lot of assorted ideas on what to write about. Main topics will be, for a start:

  • The games we play – session reports
  • The games we buy and what hopes we have for them – acquisitions
  • The games we want to get or play – radar
  • Which games are better than others – lists
  • Thoughts about gaming, for example playing games with kids – ponderings

As can be seen, there is a slight tilt against games and gaming, and yes, this is meant to be a blog about the games we like and play. These are mainly analogous, although if somebody wants to say anything about a videogame there will at least be a warning before punishment.

The ”we” in all this is a little, losely composed gaming group, centered around weekly meetings in Ulf´s basement. Every thursday we get together and play roleplaying games (RPG:s) or boardgames. We have done this for many years and the main focus has been on RPG:s, but the last two years the balance has shifted slightly to reach an equilibrium around 50/50.

Most of us have been gaming actively for the better part of our lives, some have been in this mess a little shorter. Most of us have a bunch of kids, but some have not. The kids are exploring quite a few games as well, both on their own and together with us.The ones that are around ten or twelve are on the brink of starting an RPG group of their own. We hope. Or believe. We haven´t exactly forced them. Only… ah, never mind.

Hisingen, the fourth largest island in Sweden, is the place where quite a few of us live, and where Ulf´s basement is. It is also known as ”the wrong side of the river” in Gothenburg, or possibly ”the island of harbours and industry, where people get shot and where nobody wants to live”. But we like it.

We will do this in English, because it is fun and because we tend to hang around on English speaking forums on BoardGameGeek, Shut Up and Sit Down and such. If you have arrived from any of these places of great splendour we also want you to feel welcome. We hope that what we write is reasonably intelligible and not too horrendously misspelllt even though it is probably painfully obvious that we are trying to say something in a foreign language.

Well, enough of this. Let´s play some games!


  1. Hello, stranger. Who are you and where do you come from?
  2. Are there any other subjects that we should cover?

3 thoughts on “What´s all this, then?”

  1. 1. Mark, and I’m from Huron, South Dakota in the USA.
    2. How about what other hobbies/interests the group has outside of gaming? I find it interesting to see what else a group might have in common besides gaming. These either are things that led the group to come together or are something that the group has developed because they are together. Ours is Martial Arts and work. 3/4 the group is in the same Martial Arts class, and the other 3/4 works at the same company. (yes I know that adds up to more than 1, but some of us do both)

    1. Hi Mark!

      You are the first person commenting this so that’s worth something I guess. 🙂

      So cool to know we’ve had at least one reader we don’t know in person.

      Welcome and I hope we can keep you interested.


  2. 1. Hello Mark, and welcome! South Dakota – that´s really far away, but probably as cold as here?
    2. Thanks! Yes, that could be something. I will talk about this with the others. In the meantime: Ulf and I go back to the early 90’s, when we were part of the same RPG circles in our home town, Uppsala, about 500 km from here. We lost contact and then suddenly met again in Gothenburg maybe six years later and discovered that we lived only two blocks away from each other. I joined his gaming group. Now we have lost quite a few of the other members of that group and some have entered some kind of orbit from which they make some visits to us down here and we have also recruited some new people. The most active ones lately have been fathers of friends of our children, which means that we are now more locally rooted in our neighbourhood. One of them, Magnus (Isskugga), has been with us now for many years and will also appear here on the blog, in fact any day now.

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